Monday, March 7, 2016


Oleg Yvenko gets a 2 Way Extension
Over on Puck Rakers Todd Jones, a new comer to the beat crew, announced that the CBJ have re-upped Oleg Yvenko through the 2016-17 season on an AHL/NHL contract.  According to the 2015 training camp roster, Oleg is 6'-7" and weighs 235 pounds.  He currently leads the Lake Erie Monsters in penalties in minutes (PIM), and is a mountain of a man.

Over on the Cannon, Scott Tenant is the Lake Erie correspondent and he loves Yvenko.  This new contract must be a reward for his assist the other night.  Although this takes up one of our 50 allowable contracts, I think this is a low risk high reward move.  If Yvenko develops into an NHL player, think Zdeno Chara.  You will need to be patient with his development, but the Jackets have seen enough progress this year to want him back next year.  Way to go Oleg!  I'll look forward to seeing you in training camp next year!


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