Sunday, June 12, 2016

Calder Cup Champion Lake Erie Monsters

Last night the Lake Erie Monsters won the Calder Cup as the AHL Champions by sweeping the Hershey Bears.  Oliver Bjorkstrand, the playoff MVP, won the game by bouncing a greasy goal off the Hershey goal tender Peters with 1.9 seconds remaining in the first overtime period.  A sell out crowd of 19,665 watched the Monsters bring the Calder Cup back to Cleveland for the first time since 1964.

In an exceptionally tightly played game by both squads, someone had to lose.  There were a few times when I felt Hershey started to tilt the ice their way, especially in the third period, but the Monsters seemed to always respond.

To Captain Ryan Craig, Coach Jared Bednar, and all the Lake Erie Monsters who flew so high this year, a heartfelt THANK YOU!  You finished the job you started on, and gave us all a ton of things to think about in this off season.



  1. what a positive glow this puts on an otherwise lackluster season in Cbus. Not just a glimpse at the future, but a full blown vision of what MAY be in the future of the parent C B J.This is the type of experience that can truly change the mindset of an entire organization. Hope to see some of these faces back with the Jackets next season, to stay.

  2. Coach Jared* Bednar, not Jason