Monday, June 13, 2016

Calder Cup Quandary: The Goal Tenders

The Goal Tending situation for the Blue Jackets just got complicated, in a good way.  Anton Forsberg just served notice that he is a champion goal tender, setting up, as Aaron Portzline put it, 'an epic battle in training camp' among the goal tenders.  This is such a great thing for the organization that it is hard to put into words.

When Joonas Korpisalo was sent down from the Blue Jackets at the end of the season, he was given the net in Lake Erie, and Jarmo pretty much assured him that if Bob got injured next year, he would come up from Lake Erie to take Bob's place, and CMac would remain the backup (IMO).  However, Korpisalo had the misfortune to lose a playoff game, thereby opening the door for Forsberg, who promptly went 9-0 to seal a Calder Cup Championship.

The currency among organizational goal tenders just became wins.  Past Vezina trophies do not count.  If you want the net, you need to win.  And the organization now has three goal tenders with the pedigree to win in the NHL.  Forsberg has not had the greatest of luck at the NHL, but he was outstanding he went down to replace Brad Thiessen (sp? Sorry!) who did a stellar job coming up from the ECHL while Forsberg and Korpisalo were in the NHL.  Forsberg took his game to a new level down the stretch and was instrumental in getting the Monsters into the playoffs.  Korpisalo won the first playoff series, but faltered against Grand Rapids, and Forsberg took the net and refused to let it go.

Coming into next year, with an expansion draft looming, this young tandem looks really strong.  Bob will be pushed this year, no doubt about it, and a shaky start will result in a loss of the net in rapid order by any of the goal tenders.   The currency is now wins.  Anton Forsberg has shaken the foundations of the organization with his performance.  You want the net?  You gotta win.  And how awesome is that for the fans?


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