Monday, January 9, 2017

Goal Tending Change

Anton Forsberg Called Up from Cleveland.
Early this morning Tom Reed of the Columbus Dispatch tweeted that Curtis McElhinney was going on waivers and that Anton Forsberg had been called up from the Cleveland Monsters.  This move is the organization positioning itself for a playoff run.  This is a good move at this time.

Curtis McElhinney performed admirably in his role by enabling the organization to develop the young goal tending talent that it had acquired.  Said another way, Curtis was just good enough, at a very reasonable rate, for the CBJ to not have to go shopping for a backup goal tender, while their young goal tenders matured.  His 2 year contract was a bargain for the organization, and any failure in that period had little to do with the backup goal tender.  Curtis McElhinney and his professionalism allow the space for this move.  Anton Forsberg is ready for this challenge and the time has come for him to rise to the challenge.

This is a changing of the guard at the back up position for the organization.  Joonas Korpisalo gets the net full time in Cleveland and Forsberg comes up to the big show for the chance he earned in last year's Calder Cup Finals.  He comes up hot, having been playing consistently for the Monsters.  Joonas Korpisalo is at a point in his development where it is really important to get him into the net consistently.  This move allows the action to happen.  CMac will back up Joonas in the AHL.

Well done Curtis McElhinney!!  You did an outstanding job for the organization.  Your role is now to be the mentor in the AHL.  To show the younger members of the organization how to be a pro, and prepare them for success at the next level.  The set up in Cleveland is really nice Curtis.  It's a good place to be.

Anton Forsberg.  Now is your time.  You are ready for this challenge.  Best of luck to you as you make this jump.  I will look forward to watching your efforts.

The organization has been able to take its time with the young goal tenders, but they are ripe to assume this role in the organization.  We need a back up goal tender with a winning record in 20 games.  It would be ideal for the backup to steal the net on some nights, by doing things like pitching a shutout.  It is crucial that Bob get rested for the playoffs.  He has worked hard to get us to this place of advantage, Number 1 in the NHL.  He deserves an active support to optimize his net time.

Anton Forsberg knows Lucas Sedlak, Zach Werenski, and Josh Anderson.  He should, he won a Championship with them last year.  Forsberg is already part of this team.  Good luck Anton!!


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