Thursday, January 12, 2017

Searching for a Winning Backup

Joonas Korpisalo is now the backup.
Surprisingly today, the Columbus Blue Jackets sent Anton Forsberg back to the Cleveland Monsters and retained Joonas Korpisalo as the backup goal tender behind Sergei Bobrovsky.

Even though he was rushed into duty, Forsberg did not have a particularly strong game against Carolina.  That assessment was applicable to most of the roster as well, but the goal tender seemed unable to make the key save.  The team played well in front of Joonas Korpisalo last year, and I imagine they are interested in seeing if the same thing holds for this year.  For Korpisalo it is a good opportunity to get on track.  I think he believes he proved he could play in this league last year, so its time to see if he can back that thought up with wins.  Going forward it is clear though, the back up goal tender position is on a short leash.  We need that position to be a winning position with greater frequency in the last half of the season.  Forsberg and Korpisalo will change positions with frequency until the winning starts to happen.  That is part of the process.


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