What is this blog?

With some time and effort (and probably a little luck), I hope to offer some reasonably coherent blog-like commentary on the Columbus Blue Jackets and the National Hockey League.

Being an info junkie, I'm also pleased to share with everyone a host of news and information feeds related to the CBJ. Bookmark this page...the news content continuously updates itself!

And, yes, I own a dark blue jacket. It's a 3-button blazer (no Columbus Blue Jackets lapel pin, though), one that I got on a trip with my wife a few years back. One of my favorites! (I also have a couple dark blue windbreakers, too, but that doesn't count...)


  1. Hey guys, I wanted to reach out about the possibility of working together for the season. Shoot me an email at stefan@tiqiq.com and I'll get you some details.

  2. This blog sucks like you and your Columbus BJ's