Sunday, December 6, 2009

Western Conference playoff race, 6 December edition

None of the front-runners made any spectacular jumps or drops this week, but the movement under the playoff qualifying bar (which rose from 29 to 34 this week) was very interesting.

BIGGEST GAIN OF THE WEEK: Don't look now, but Minnesota and Phoenix added 6 points each this week.  Two wins over playoff-caliber Nashville helped a lot (gosh, that would be nice) for Minnesota, who has quietly put together a nice run over the last couple of weeks.  Colorado, Detroit, Los Angeles and San Jose all added 5 points each this week, too.  After being tied with Columbus at this time last week, the Red Wings pulled into 9th seed in the West with 33.

SMALLEST GAIN OF THE WEEK: Poor Anaheim only added 2 points this week.  Worse yet, those 2 points came over a 4-game week.  Yow!  No wonder the stories about their coach on the hot seat and their roster getting shaken up are prevalent.  Columbus, Dallas and Nashville added 3 points.

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