Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Ken Hitchcock Firing Pool is open

UPDATE: The Pool is closed.

After yet another blowout loss, I think it's a given that Columbus Blue Jackets head coach Ken Hitchcock is going to be fired.  I suppose he could resign, but he doesn't seem like the type.

So let's open the pool.  On what day will Hitch get the axe?  

I say March 1.  That's the day after the Winter Olympics gold medal hockey game.  

Post your predictions in the comments.  No repeat predictions.  Winner gets subscribed to David Perron's Twitter feed.


  1. I get the impression the organization wants to play the waiting game as long as possible (thus prolonging our agony.) I say 5/10/2010.

  2. BTW, are we going with "Price Is Right" rules on this (closest without going over)?

  3. 3/2

    nooo!!! not perron's twitter!!!

  4. hopefully a lot longer than you think...by no means is this all his fault and we need to play that style of hockey to have a chance long term...

  5. February 11 is my bet, though I wouldn't be surprised if it happens today. I don't think they want to wait until after the Olympics and try to bring a new coach on board at the same time that Howson is trying to focus on the trade deadline. This would give new coach a couple of games before the break, then the entire break to get organized.

    Anonymous -- just no -- Hitch's style of hockey is not what wins in the NHL today.

  6. I lose in the poll. I was hoping he'd get fired in the middle of the 3-21 stretch.

  7. I was not in favor of getting rid of him for the longest, but it is obvious that he is not getting this team ready to play. They are not responding to what he his trying to teach. Other teams are proving you CAN win with youth, look no further that last night for proof.

    All that being said, the CBJ Brass shows us some love on Valentine's day. 2-14

  8. The Pool is closed. JAL wins for his "...I wouldn't be surprised if it happens today" comment.


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