Tuesday, May 25, 2010

CBJ Coaching Search: I challenge YOU!

Now that we have stopped the insanity, let's move on to more productive efforts.

The Columbus Blue Jackets have four top candidates for permanent (whatever that means in today's professional sports) head coach: Scott Arniel, Guy Boucher, Kevin Dineen and Claude Noel.  

To date, I suggest that we really only know one coach remotely well - Noel - and only there do we know what he did as interim CBJ head coach.  By his own admission, he didn't coach as he'd like but felt that it was more important to get the players' heads right instead of impose a new system.  

Last week, I posted a compilation of insights on Guy Boucher that scratched the surface about this interesting candidate.  That was followed by a Columbus Dispatch piece that added to the knowledge already in circulation.  

Beyond the Wikipedia and team links that I've provided, I doubt that most fans know anything meaningful on Scott Arniel or Kevin Dineen.  I've tried to unearth some information on both but can't get anyone to share anything publicly in one case and...well, I can't make any meaningful contacts in the other.  

With such a terrific fan base of CBJ fans and media out there, this lack of knowledge - two rounds deep into interviews - is pretty sad.  

I'd put more effort into digging around but have to wrap up the quarter at school.  Thus, I'm going to throw the challenge out to the many CBJ-oriented Tweeters, bloggers and media types out there (that includes you, too, Dispatch guys):  
Tell the world what makes any or all of the four Columbus Blue Jackets head coaching candidates distinct and good for the team.  Such information should include coaching from both the X's and O's perspective as well as the intangible leadership/motivational perspective.  
If you have a venue on which to publish such information for the public to read, post away and I'll gladly link to it.  If you have the desire to write and no place to put such information, I'll put it up on my blog as long as it's reasonably coherent.

The gaunlet has been thrown down.  Will you pick it up?

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