Monday, November 21, 2011

DBJ's 5 Thoughts on Game 20: Calgary

Curtis Sanford Third Jersey Pads
PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT - The Dark Blue Jacket, in its long commitment to public service would like to warn the public that Curtis Sanford's Third Jersey Pads have some real WOW!! factor.  We would not want anyone to be un-prepared for this.  And now, back to our regularly scheduled program, the Dark Blue Jacket's 5 thoughts on tonight's 4-1 win by the Columbus Blue Jackets over the Calgary Flames.

1. The Eraser - The CBJ are not a dramatically better team than they were four games ago.  But Curtis Sanford erased many of those mistakes with a great deal of aplomb.  I really liked the way Sanford controlled the pace of the game, and shut things down by gloving the puck when things got too hairy.  Well done Curtis! You are instilling a confidence in the team that is palpable.  I saw mistakes by veteran centers (Carter) and young defensemen (Nikitin) erased by Sanford.  It is now time to start the Masterson discussion.  Please pardon me for a moment while I rant.


Rant complete.  Thank you for your patience.

The other thoughts after the jump.

2. Carter Continuation - Jeff Carter scored another goal today, picking up a greasy goal on a rebound. Good time for Carter to get hot.  I noticed he got the first star of the game tonight.  I also noticed he took a stick out to give to the fans, and that he definitely got connected with the fans along the glass afterwards, pounding the glass and looking excited.  Folks, this guy is a silky smooth player.  It doesn't look like he is trying that hard, but he gets himself to the place he needs to be, no matter how gritty that place may be.  He may not be real excited when talking to the media.  But he likes fans.  This is your official, Dark Blue Jacket, 'atta boy' Jeff.  Its really nice to see you hitting your stride.

3. Greasier than that one - If Jeff Carter got a greasy goal, Antoine Vermette got an even greasier goal.  The way I saw it, sixth time is a charm.  The CBJ kept pounding the puck on the hapless Calgary goal tender, and Vermette picked up the garbage on what had to be the fourth or fifth rebound.  He took a page out of Vinny Prospal's book, drew it back, and flopped it over the extended goal tender.  Nicely done Antoine.  You are starting to get a goal scoring streak going.  Best of luck!!

4. Don't mess with the Johan - Ryan Johansen had another really good game.  No stats.  No points.  Just a lot of real greasy work along the boards.  And when the puck is coming down the ice, this kid goes right to the top of the crease, a la Tomas Holmstrom (damn him! Cough.  Sorry granny, but it hurts!).  I continue to be HUGELY impressed by Johansen's work ethic, desire, and ability to get to the hard places.  Sorry you never had this kid Hitch.  Because you would have loved him.  This is your official, Dark Blue Jacket, 'atta boy' RyJo.  I really, really like watching you play.

5. Dads - I'm not sure if I really called this out in game 19 vs Nashville.  Having the Dad's along at this juncture was a stroke of genius on the part of the organization.  The moral support at a time when it was highly needed was well done.  Dads. You know your boys.  I am super happy for you that you got to come on this trip.  Your guys needed you, and you made a difference.  This is your Dark Blue Jacket 'atta boy', for being good Dads.

Really Sweet Fail For Nail Tee Shirts at the R Bar
6. Bonus Points - Dang it.  We can't even lose good.  The Islanders are only a point ahead of us, and we are starting a wicked winning streak.  They got to play Pittsburgh with Sidney for the first time in 320 days.  So in spite of the really sweet 'Fail for Nail' shirts the boys were sporting at the R-Bar, it seems like the CBJ are poised for a bit of a run.  It's a long season boys!  Stay the course!  It may yet come to fruition.

7. Bonus Points - The Captain.  It was nice to see him bury the empty netter.  The guy has struggled this year.  But this means they have the statistical possibility of getting insanely hot.  Goal scorers can be streaky.  Nash and Carter are both heating up.  Now is  good time.  Yesterday would have been better, but I'll take now.



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    It's in your damn link. No excuse.

  2. Does Scott Howson look like he knows what he is doing or what????
    Vinny seems to be the oil in the machine that makes it go. Sand man seems to be making things grind to a stop and Iron man Nikki nail is holding some things together

  3. Oh yes, Boon Jenner has 27 points in 22 games


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