Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The "A List"

Yep. I signed myself up for this thing...so here we go...I've found a few things to highlight, however brief...

1. John Moore. DH and I had the opportunity (and I do mean opportunity!) to meet this guy in person at the Tuttle Mall Blue Line before the holidays. The kid is intelligent, highly personable, way respectful and super nice. I couldn't say enough about him...until I watched him with focus in recent games. As many have already pointed out, his play is progressing at a good speed and I have been particularly impressed with his continued growth after losing his linemate and mentor, James Wisneiwski. Check out Jackets Report for some Johnny quotes that demonstrate his character in my opinion.

2. Dallas. Yeah, remember that game? That was fun. :) I hoped for 10 wins before the new year...at least we did it!

3. New Year's Eve. Well at least we had a holiday that officially occurs at midnight to distract us from the outcome of the Caps game.

4.  The Winter Classic. Ok fine, its not Blue Jackets related, but it is hockey. And finally we had a game that lived up to the hype. Its great to see the sport highlighted on the national stage and it was a wonderful reason to remember why we love hockey.

5. In Practice Competitions. While I have been one of the many vocally opining on the lack of practices - called by the team or the organization - I was able to attend practice on Monday, January 2, and saw some comments regarding practice today, January 3. Both involved an inter-team competition of some kind - with rewards for the winners and jeering punishment for the losers. And while I certainly don't dare to think this is the solution to our many problems, I appreciate the idea. First, it gives the guys a glimpse of fun - we need to have some levity if we ever hope to regain an ounce of confidence; second, if that's what it takes to remember what winning feels like, do it; and finally, while I'm sure there's a term for it, I believe that forcing this kind of dependency and accountability within the team can only help at this point...

That's it folks. There's a lot of agita in Blue Jackets land - and I don't pretend to think that any of these items above alleviate that, but, even going to a practice, or watching that Flyers - Rangers game, remind me that I so enjoy watching guys trying to shoot a puck into a net.

Hockey is a great great sport - let's continue to remember why we love that game - THAT is why we get fired up when we aren't doing well - because we Love. This. Game. Above all else, continue to study the game, study the team and appreciate the fact that we can take a couple hours a week to enjoy a pretty cool sport.


  1. The hockey equivalent of "Oklahoma drills" - good for Arniel. The team hasn't played tough for 60 minutes, so he's challenging 'em in practice as a coach should.

    I'm not convinced Arniel has the stuff to get the CBJ to the promised land, but I don't think he's as bad a coach as the team's performance (record and otherwise) indicates.

    And great point on Johnny Moore. Color me surprised that he stuck with the team on this callup. He's playing very well (as is his offensive counterpart, Ryan Johansen, of late), so good for the kids in seizing their opportunities amidst the turmoil.

  2. Not to be debbie downer, but I was hugely disappointed with the Winter Classic this year... A yawner of a first period + a 2 hour delayed start + game on the 2nd instead of the 1st (less competition on TV?) = 2.4 TV rating... The outback bowl (non-BCS, almost meaningless bowl) got a 5.0 during the same time slot. Sure the WC ended with some great (possibly manufactured) drama, but it lacked the hook needed to keep the casual viewer interested, so they tuned away to football bowl games instead. Anyone else think it was a bust this year?

  3. Fair point, Anon. And, I agree, the third period was arguably the best one. But, IMO compared to previous years' games, this one was much better. I also think the whole "new year's on a Sunday" thing threw everyone off. I know I was certainly confused as a fan of both football and hockey.

    Always good to hear another opinion and I like knowing the ratings - that certainly does tell the "tale of the tape".

  4. Yeah I definitely agree with you there that it was at LEAST better than last year, I'm slightly biased in that the detroit/chicago was the best (a detroit fan here), but I think those two teams also had tremendous star-power in the lineups that kept things exciting. Previously, when I said "it was a bust", I think that's a little dramatic, but I simply think it's a lesson that the NHL and NBC can learn a lot from to make the future WC's that much better. I am just of the mindset nowadays that we need to do everything to make this sport succeed in the mainstream media here in the US. The increased mainstream/national media market penetration will only strengthen our local market viewership and subsequent ratings and keeps the casual fan interested more throughout the season... even if that means an extra couple hundred seats filled on weeknight games here, that's a win. But they need to make sure these WC matchups do incredibly well in the US TV ratings, we need to keep this sport as mainstream as possible!


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