Thursday, March 29, 2012

Game 77: Detroit- It's about the pride

If I say this pic is Allen York who is to doubt me?
There are times in the life of a Blue Jackets fan when you have to swallow your pride.  Oftentimes, that is when you are leaving the building after the Detroit Redwings have reaffirmed who the better team is.  We know this.  Kudos Ken Holland.  I admire Mike Babcock for continually demanding the best from his highly talented team. There is no question as to who is the better organization, or the better team.  We have a long way to go to even be in the conversation.

This is the beauty of the game, that we so love.  While these things are well known, one does not get to complete the season with a pencil. One must strap it on, and get it going, on any given night.  And thus was the situation of the mighty Redwings tonight.  On the back end of a home and home, after the Redwings clinched a playoff spot, and our Blue Jackets clinched the cellar while being thoroughly dominated, the home squad responded with an inspired effort and beat the Wings 4-2.  Nothing more illustrates the beauty of the game of hockey as this match up.  Should you want to beat a superior opponent, you must  bring a complete team game, and a superior effort.  Tonight, the Blue Jackets accomplished that feat.  Of course it helps to have home ice, the last change, and the face-off advantage working for you.  The architects of the game knew that pleasing the home crowd was a good thing.

A lot of verbiage.  But in the end, for the Jackets fan, it means leaving the building after beating the Redwings.  There are few feelings in the life of a long suffering Jackets fan that are better than that.  You want thoughts? York wins one, his NHL first.  Double D, Derek Dorsett scores a goal.  In spite of the fact that the $($%$^^%&&*&%$% referees still will not call goal tender interference fairly against the Redwings, the boys still won.

And the indescribable pleasure of walking out of the building after beating the Redwings.   Well done lads.  Well done.


  1. Refs were, commentary was horrible, but the Jackets won. Congrats to York on #1, and JmfJ spending over half the game on the ice and playing like he wants to make the PO this year. Nash had a suprisingly inspired game... auditioning?

  2. Amen. Any day after a win over the Wings is a good, good day.

    James: Nash auditioning? Sadly... probably yeah.


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