Monday, July 8, 2013


Jarmo strengthens scouting
Today Columbus Blue Jackets General Manager Jarmo Kekalainen continued his remake of the scouting department of the CBJ by hiring former co-worker Ville Siren, formerly of the St. Louis Blues.  Siren will hold the position of head amateur scout working under Paul Castron, the head of amateur scouting.  My interpretation of this is that the scouts will be responsible to Ville, while Ville will be responsible to Castron.  I know Porty and Arace are going to love this move because Ville Siren is a former Hartford Whaler.  I think that hits them where they live.

This move will strengthen our scouting staff, which is always welcome news.  And, these scouts will be doing it Jarmo's way, because that's what Ville Siren is here to do, because Jarmo's got bigger fish to fry.  So this is a good thing, no doubt.  And we hope a job that get's tougher, cause we hope to be moving down in the draft order as a consequence of finishing higher in the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference (dang I love saying that).

In addition to the hiring of Siren, hired former NHLer Josef Boumedienne as the European Scout.  Wait, what?  We have one of those?  Well, maybe not before, but we have one now.  Once again, this is a good addition to our scouting staff.

Jarmo should get a chance to hire his guys.  The biggest difference between the guys Jarmo hires and those that GMSH hired is that Jarmo's guys all have previous experience.  And that's a good thing.


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