Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hey Jody!! We got this Cannonfest thing....

Hi Jody!  I know you've got this new gig, being an ambassador to the fans, relating to everyone, promoting the team.  I think this is a great fit for you, and I wanted to help give you a good start. It turns out that over at the Cannon and Full Mental Jackets our industrious colleagues have organized a gathering of fans!!  How convenient!!  What an opportunity for you to get your new job rolling!  Blast some tweets, meet some fans, it will be a great time!  All of this during the absolute doldrums of the hockey year, August.

So anyway Jody, the gig goes down on Sunday, at the Buffalo Wild Wings on Bethel Road, starting at 2:00 PM.  Yeah, I know you have a family and a honey do list.  We all do.  But we're all sneaking away to do some hockey immersion in August.  Who knows, you play your cards right, you might even get some air time on the DKM hockey podcast, which may, or may not, be a resume builder for you.

The other cool thing I wanted to remind you about Jody, is that since you are retired, you no longer are on that training diet.  So the wings and beer are not off limits any more!  If you make it, I promise to buy you the adult beverage of your choice.

So Jody, congratulations on your new position with the CBJ.  Come on out and celebrate the occasion with a couple of hundred die hard hockey fans!



  1. I'd like to think the DKM Podcast would do nothing but further solidify Jody Shelley's foothold in the Columbus media market. We could start a segment with him called, What Would Jody Do?

  2. Are you calling out Jody Shelley? I hope he shows up and your not wearing a jersey with a fight strap--


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