Saturday, January 4, 2014

So DBJ watched CBJ Game 42: St. Louis

St. Louis 6 - Columbus 2
The host St. Louis Blues scored 6 unanswered goals to turn back an early Columbus push and send the visiting Blue Jackets on their way with their tails between their legs.

With all due respect to Artem Anisimov and Mark Letestu, who scored tonight's goals for the CBJ, I think there's only one way to handle this whole six-pack thing:

These Buds are for you,
St. Louis
That's right.  One beer for each unanswered goal by the Blues.  They drank our beer, ate our chips, passed gas on our couch and left the seat up in our bathroom.

In fairness, such behavior from the opponents is to be expected.  The Blues are a legitimate Stanley Cup contending team.  In comparison, the Blue Jackets have a 24.2% chance of making the playoffs right now.  And a 2-0 opening period for the Blue Jackets seemingly resulted in one of two things:

Or perhaps this:
Either way, it's the same outcome. The Blue Jackets got destroyed in the last 40 minutes. Ken Hitchcock shut the game down as we all knew he would, and the Blue Jackets didn't have the horses (or will?) to break through. The only lingering question after this one is why coach Todd Richards didn't pull Curtis McElhinney and insert Sergei Bobrovsky before the game got away from the Blue Jackets. Richards defends his move by saying (probably correctly) that there's no way he was going to put a goalie returning from a groin injury in with no warmup time. That then begs the question:
Yeah, why not have an ice-ready goaltender in reserve? What was Bobrovsky there for? To take in the game atmosphere before getting the start in New York on Monday? Doesn't make sense. Maybe Springfield was crying to get McKenna back, who knows. Anyway, it's a tough loss...a demoralizing one in the way in which it happened...but it is an 82-game season. And St. Louis is about three or four pay grades above Columbus. So shake your head, get a real backup goaltender on the bench and move along.

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  1. The Blues are just a machine this season. Not surprising that they've been picked to win the Cup by some of the most knowledgeable writers around.


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