Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Ottawa Goes Dirty for the Win

It started with Chris Neil, sensing a serious ass beating at Jared Boll's hands, going for his face, and doing the eye gouge with his thumb.  Then Eric Gryba, a dork defenseman who is only playing because Methot is hurt, goes to Artem Anismov's head, putting him out of the game.  Than Mark Borowiecki a defender with a whopping 8 games of NHL experience turns his back to an aggressive play by Corey Tropp, and gets hurt for being a dumb a**.  Ottawa dove low in facing a depleted CBJ squad, when they probably didn't have to, as their goal tender was, again, on the top of his game.  Robin Lehner  turned in a whale of a game against the Blue Jackets, out dueling Curtis McElhinney, who looked shaky early in relief of an injured Sergei Bobrovsky, but seemed to settle down later, in spite of giving up late goals.

Extremely bitter and expletive laced commentary regarding the department of player saftety's sanctimonious treatment of James Wisneiwski.  I'm sure the department of player safety will carefully review all of these issues, and suspend Wisneiwski again... dammit.  I'm sure NHL officials will handle this correctly.

This was a weak ass, dirty effort by a suspect Ottawa squad.  One of these days you are going to have to play the grown up CBJ, and there will be hell to pay.

BTW... Joey, welcome to life as Rick Nash.
BTW... I'm growing to love Scott Hartnell in a big way.  The heart in his name is misspelled.  Way to go Hartsy!!

Time to step away from the keyboard, and let the angst settle.

Rational commentary at a later date.


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