Sunday, November 23, 2014

Awww, Did Wittle Wucic Get His Feewings Huwt??

Dalton Prout and Cam in 2013 Development Camp
In today's Columbus Dispatch Aaron Portzline dropped this article saying Milan Lucic has vowed to get revenge on Dalton Prout for dropping him with one punch.  More antics from Lucic, to go along with threats to kill another player in the handshake line after a playoff loss, which he seems to feel is perfectly in line with hockey's 'code'.  Right.

Okay, let's be up front.  I never 'played the game'.  Rather, I'm a season ticket holder, dropping good coin to pay for your occupation Lucic.  You're a good player.  I can understand harsh words in the emotion of the moment.  I'm not one to be calling the kettle black.  But when you come at a guy, grab him by the collar, and he drops his gloves, just what did you think was coming??  Given your history, I can understand whey another player might not believe you when you say 'you don't want to fight' as you grab him by the collar.  Really?  Maybe you should try the code of 'keeping your mouth shut', like you suggest in the Puck Daddy article above?  Sheesh.

These antics, while entertaining, tend to overshadow the Blue Jackets continuing lack of cohesive play.  That wouldn't be so bad, but the 5 point gap to third place in the Metro has now stretched to a 7 point gap.  Which is still not that daunting with a little over 4 months remaining in the season, except that we have to try to jump over ALL the teams, not just A team.  I'm not really surprised by the 4-2 loss to Philly last night.  We aren't really playing that well, and I just couldn't see Philly losing 5 straight games.  I've seen some of the ones Philly lost on TV, and they just aren't playing that bad.  And then there was the GM, Hextall, going all Doug MacLean on his players.  Pretty funny really.  Honest, and genuine in Hextall, but ill-advised and funny.  So after a tough shoot out loss the night before, I just wasn't that surprised that CBJ didn't have a lot in the tank.

The Blue Jackets are having serious trouble scoring.  They really tend to score just 2 goals a game, and our defense on most nights is not good enough to turn 2 goals into a win.  We have Winnipeg, Vancouver, and Nashville this week.  They need to win two of those three games to keep from losing much more ground.  The CBJ haven't shown they are playing well enough to beat Pekka Rinne, so it would be good to head to Nashville with 2 home wins under our belt.  But we'll see.  We'll have a better feel of our status as a 15th place team (real or imagined) by the time next week is over.  I have an uneasy feeling about the answer we are going to be staring at as we launch into December.


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