Sunday, December 21, 2014

Pay The Extra Dime

Sergei Bobrovsky, Game Winner
Tonight, the Columbus Blue Jackets beat an unbelievably talented Chicago Blackhawks team in a shoot out.  We don't care about the charity point, as it lands in the Western Conference.  What we do care about is why we won tonight, and that is unarguably Sergei Bobrovsky, who was masterful in goal.  He is in a contract year.  He will get paid.  This is not a subject for debate.

The subject for debate is who will lurk at the end of the line, and skate up with a huge hug for the guy who bailed you out all night long.  Who does Bob want to see, as a reward for a great game played, in which he stole us a victory, much as tonight's tilt against a superior opponent?  It is my personal belief that the guy he wants to see is one Nick Foligno.

Nick is an interesting guy.  A career twenty-ish goal scorer, in a contract year on a pace for thirty-ish.  A guy who rose up when all was lost, dripping character all over the place.  Who does your franchise goal tender want to see at the end of the line when you win the Cup?

Pay Bob.  He's worth it.  The trickier question is what to pay Nick.  I say that Nick''s presence at the end of that line outweighs the statistics.  Nick should be given long term as a 20 goal scorer.  As the guys in the pipeline pass him in skill, this will start to look like an 'iffy' contract.  But you need someone at the end of the line when you win the Cup.  And what ever extra you pay Nick is worth that moment right there.

Bob stole one from the Blackhawks.  The CBJ are still photobombing the playoffs (personal communication, Puck Rakers, 2014).  Nick is at the end of the line.  And that, my friends, is worth the extra dime.



  1. First, as far as the hockey gods ( and toronto, for that matter ) I've asked Jobu for a sign. The reply was"out to lunch you're on your own." As far as Nick Foligno; pay him a contract that makes him happy to stay in union blue. He has become an uplifting factor both on and off the ice. An important voice in the room and on the bench. If that means a bitof sweetening to the pot, this team has certainly paid far more and gotten considerably less in the past. Leadership comes in all forms; Dubi, Boone, Joey, all have that quality. Nick is at a different level right now, willing things to go right,or taking matters into his own hands when they don't. As the saying goes "PAY THE MAN" youwon't be disappointed, I guarantee it.

    1. I gave both the Penguins and Rangers mumps. What more do you want?


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