Saturday, January 24, 2015

So It Begins

Fan Fest At The Columbus Convention Center
The Fan Fest sneak preview last night, the blogger happy hour at Bernard's Tavern tonight (stick tap to @redditcbj for showing), the swirl of fun that is the All Star Game has arrived in Columbus.  It is SO cool.

I am really looking forward to enjoying myself this weekend.  The notion of 'Team Foligno" gets me fired up just thinking about it.  I've been wearing Nick's number to games for 2 years now, and it is just beautiful watching him have fun in this role.  It's awesome!

Stick tap to Mark from Memphis on fun conversation at Bernard's Tavern tonight.  Meeting people from all over is the big part of this weekend.  It's so fun.  I'm looking forward to the whole experience.

Our friends have graciously allowed us to move into their downtown condo this weekend.  We move in tomorrow, for the duration.  How cool is that?

Enjoy our All Star Game Columbus!  Get out there and be a good ambassador to our City.  It is such an easy sell!


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