Saturday, February 7, 2015

Dangerous Ground for Ken Hitchcock

I have long been an admirer of Ken Hitchcock.  I am content that he is coaching a high powered St. Louis Blues team, and frankly would be perfectly satisfied to see the Blues finally win that Cup under Hitch's leadership.  This Blues team just set a franchise record for a consecutive point streak, and this franchise has been around for awhile.

Hitch Working the Bench in Days of Yore
Tonight was our night.  The bounces cut our way, and given the plethora of games where they did not bounce our way, it was great to see one of those games break our way.  In my last post I talked about a Coyotes defenseman falling down, swinging wildly at the puck, and making a perfect clear.  It was that type of night for the Blue Jackets.

The risk for Hitch is that he believes that is a representative result against his group, or that it resulted from a lack of effort on their part.  Perhaps a shade of understandable over confidence, but not an effort deficit.  The CBJ put 7 goals past two pretty good goalies tonight.  Since we averaged 1.3 goals per game (gpg) in the prior 3 games, forgive me if I don't start polishing my faux Stanley Cup.  A smart and experienced hockey coach like Hitch will write it off as one of those things that happen to all teams.

Another risk for Hitch is that he over does 'beating' on a team that probably really doesn't need it.  The Blues are a really good team.  They are cruising for the Cup playoffs in the central division, and you want to save that card (if you are Hitchcock) until the playoffs, when that jolt from the coach may make a real difference.

Tonight was 'best tryer' night for the CBJ.  Everything they did ended up with a CBJ goal somewhere along the way, and everybody gets a trophy.  How cool.

But the Blues are poised for a Cup run, and personally, I wish them well.  I'd love to see Hitch get another Stanley Cup.


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