Friday, March 6, 2015

This was a Good Win

Marko Dano Scores a Goal
The Jackets played a solid game tonight against New Jersey tonight, prevailing 3-2.  Following a fight filled loss against the Caps in the last game, the CBJ had another very physical game.  Falk, Dubinsky and Dano scored goals, and it was enough to carry the game.

This is a good game to win.  Yes, we might have jumped back over Toronto in the draft derby, but there is nothing about that steaming hot mess that you would want to emulate, so you ride with it.  New Jersey was 6 points ahead of us, so they are not much of a threat to sink to our level.  In spite of the rather grim position for this season, this team continues to grow and learn, particularly the young guys.  Dano in particular has looked good.

I have to run, and will type more later.  But the trade deadline is behind this group, and they are what they are.  You want them to play entertaining hockey down the stretch while not losing draft position dramatically.  This game was perfect for that.


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