Saturday, June 20, 2015

Draft Day is Coming

Ever since I took the Union Blue, all I can think
about is defensive depth - Jon Snow
Now that the Stanley Cup festivities are over, and the Blackhawks have salted their modern day dynasty, we can move on to things more relevant to our CBJ, which is the upcoming draft.  If you want to get a flavor for how people think we will draft, the Cannon and BSHockey  have mock drafts posted.  Check them out.  The idea of drafting a defenseman, Provorov, is a good one.  A Russion defenseman to play along side Tyutin while he learns his trade would help.

But I found Jarmo's comments, published in this Puck Rakers story very interesting.  Jarmo said that to abandon your draft board to draft by position, particularly in the first round, is unwise.  The part of his comment I found interesting was where he said that by the time the draft pick broke into the league, your situation might be totally different.  With that in mind, the player that I hope is still available when we pick is Mikko Rantanen.  Here is the Hockey's Future write up on him.  A 6'4", 195 lb right wing would look good alongside any of our many centers, and he looked really good in the world juniors playing for Finland.

With 2 high second round picks, there will be plenty of opportunities to add good organizational defensive depth.  It is my belief that the 'system' of ranking young hockey players does a better job with forwards that it does with defensemen.  Jarmo will therefore rely on his scouts, who will have seen all these kids several times.  It will be interesting to see who they pick.  It's like Christmas in June, with all that new talent coming into the organization.

The draft is a good time.  I'm starting to anxiously await the draft, and the blessing of Development Camp, which will come soon after.  Time for our little mid-summer hockey fix before the long drought of August.


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