Sunday, October 18, 2015

Taking Stock

Well heck.  The worst has happened.  We know that now.  The big question is, what next?  At this point, more of the same is probably to be expected.  If they appear to be playing 20 minutes each game, I expect over the next few games they will ratchet that up to 40, and then 60 minutes.  That's where they will start winning some games.  At that point we pick up the pieces.

If retaining your sanity is important to you at this point, I recommend this piece written by Jeff Little over on The Cannon.  I think it helps to put things in perspective.  There is an ominous tone to it too, some of which is driven by the situation.  We will learn a lot about how Todd Richards is dealing with this situation on Tuesday.  Tomorrow, Todd Richards will host his second (2nd) practice since the season started.  Contrast that with Toronto that had 5 days off before the Columbus game.  Richards can host a nasty little 'battle practice', where he works on raising the team's competitive fire.  JD can't stare everyone in the eye if you don't have a practice, so the coaches have had to try to right the ship (get on the rails, if you want) on the fly.  Not tons of chances for instructing his young charges in terms of getting the system in place.  On the other hand, the core should need relatively little 'system' time, but the defensive corps could surely use it.

There is no escaping the fact that this team, over the last 4 years had had to touch bottom in 30th place before kicking it into gear.  They have been remarkably efficient at that, hustling to the bottom in the first 6 games, rather than dragging it out over 30 or so.  This leaves them 7 points out of first in the Metro with 76 games left to play.  But they need to start acquiring points pronto, or they will lose track of things.  We will learn more on Tuesday.


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