Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Uh-mer-cun Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving hockey fans!!!  I hope you all get some time with your loved ones this holiday and are able to celebrate another year.  I personally am thankful that you continue to read our musings about the hockey world that surrounds us.  I'm also thankful that the CBJ eked out a win in New Jersey, and am especially thankful that I got a chance to see Mount Tortorella simmering before it blows in last night's post game press conference.  The Coach wasn't especially happy, and indicated they'd won a game they didn't deserve to win.  If you take away the numbskull penalties, they played pretty good.  If you include them, the penalty kill won the game, by keeping New Jersey off the board.  So I am thankful for the win.

I'm also thankful not to be Boone Jenner in the next film session.  New Jersey's goal was scored on a sequence where pretty much everything went wrong for Jenner.  That's going to be a tough little time there for Boone, but I imagine he's no happier about it than Tortorella, so maybe I'm exaggerating .  I speculate that we'll see Justin Falk in the lineup for the first time, as Prout did not exactly distinguish himself last night.  

So Penguins on Friday, always a good time.  Come prepared to battle for the home turf.  I love watching Hartnell in games like this.  It should be a good time.

The holiday is always a good time to listen to the DKM hockey podcast (see link in right column), and hear Jar-moe read Joe's texts.

Happy Thanksgiving and all blessings to you and yours from us here at the Dark Blue Jacket and DKM Hockey!


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