Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Mother of All Brain Farts

You have likely read already about the 3 penalties in three seconds that the CBJ took while holding a 2-1 lead against Tampa Bay in the second period.  That translated to trailing 3-2 by the time the dust had settled, courtesy of Mr. Stamkos.  The only really funny thing about it is that little fluff in his goal total will probably cost Toronto $1 million per year for like 10 years.

I have seen CBJ teams that have looked this disjointed, but Nickolai Zherdev was roaming the friendly confines at that time.  Actually the defensive similarities are kind of sobering.  That's a long time for little or no progress defensively.

This team was able to put together a very cohesive stretch of play at the end of last season, yet that cohesiveness has vanished.  Ironically, the major difference was that a Captain was named.  It is difficult to believe that action would be a catalyst for dissension, yet there was a clear schism in the team during exit interviews about the need for a captain.  And now we have a team that can't seem to think, or have any poise.  It is perplexing.

I'm not sure what to think.  But Auston Matthews is at risk, and theoretically someone other than Edmonton can win a lottery.    So stay the course lads! Back at it again tonight against Gerard Gallant's red hot Panthers.


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