Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Stuff of Gypsy Curses

Putting the Coach in the Press Box
Wow!  What a couple of days for our star crossed NHL franchise!  Poor Rene Bourque catches a rut in the much anticipated outdoor practice, accidentally takes out Coach Tortorella, and breaks two of his ribs.  Bob goes back on Injured Reserve, and Jarmo states emphatically that surgical repair is not an option for this injury, thus trashing my last post.  Gosh if I could get Bob healthy by having Jarmo trash my posts, I'd take that deal in a second.  Plus, Jarmo would have lots to work with, as my posts are eminently trashable.  Ha ha.  Hoo boy!

So Torts is back in the Cowtown, nursing two broken ribs, and Craig Hartsburg handles the bench chores tonight in Boston.  Foligno and Calvert came back off injured reserve, and Hannikainen was sent back down to Lake Erie, where he promptly fed Chaput for an overtime winner last night. So one less rookie to start, leaving us with four, one of the goalies, Rychel, Anderson, and Karlsson.  Boston is in the middle of the pack in the Atlantic and the Eastern Conference, flirting with a wild card slot.  This won't be an easy game.

I stole the tag line for this post from an old Puck Daddy post long ago, when oft-injured Pascal LeClaire was still between the pipes.  He had gotten injured in a game, and was on the bench, when he was struck with a puck and sustained a broken jaw.  'The stuff of gypsy curses' was Puck Daddy's summary, and yesterday was eerily reminiscent of that time.  So thanks Wysh, Lambert or Leahy, whoever came up with that line.  I love it.

Circle the wagons boys.  It may be awhile before the cavalry arrives.


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