Monday, November 21, 2016

Jackets Salvage a Late Point, and the Fun Times Continue

Atkinson Ties it Late
Ok, let's face it.  These last few games the Jackets have played have been a lot of fun to watch, especially because they keep winning.  The reality of NHL hockey is that some of these games are going to turn to losses.  It happens to EVERY team.  So to imagine the young Blue Jackets are immune to it is to be thinking crazy stuff.

And the Jackets have had an awesome week.  Beating the Caps, beating the Rangers, beating the Caps.  Awesome stuff.  The puck has bounced their way some, sure.  I promise they saved up a crap load of luck last year because the puck never seemed to bounce their way.

So tonight was a night you figure the worm could turn.   Second night of a back to back, a team waiting in town while you travel; a young team similar to the CBJ with last year's Lake Erie Monsters Coach, Jared Bednar, at the helm.  Good coach.  Loved what he did with the Monsters.  He also got gifted Zach Werenski late in the season, and I have a feeling that before it is said and done, Zach Werenski could make ME a good coach, much less someone with actual talent.  But they have a good set up in Colorado, and they are likely to improve as the year moves on.

But the Jackets.  Gee.  It was another sloppy game at first, as they got engaged.  The Jackets and Avs traded sloppy goals, and it was 1-1.  Then about midway in the second period the Avs go ahead.  The Jackets keep battling, and finally draw a penalty.  The ensuing power play scores, but is waived off on a goal tender interference call against Scott Hartnell.  Meh.  I don't think Varlamov had a clue on the shot, but Hartsy kinda gave him a 'can-opener'.  So, Meh.  And the Jackets sort of plateaued for a bit after the call, but like last game slowly started to gather themselves.  But they just could not seem to get one past Varlamov, once he got his reprieve.

Finally, the Jackets pulled McElhinney, and had a man advantage.  With little time remaining, Cam Atkinson takes a shot, and the blocked puck comes back to Gagne.  He passes back out to Atkinson, who with the time and space afforded to the 6th skater skates in and buries one top shelf to tie the game and salvage a point.

Subsequently, Colorado's Duchene was able to tip in a sweet pass for the win during overtime, which was a bummer until you think that the Jackets need to lose at some point.  So salvaging a point in the last 10 seconds of a game you pretty much had lost is the kind of thing that will get you in the playoffs in the long run.

So it was fun.  A little meh at the end of a pretty meh game until the complete adrenaline squeeze of Atkinson scoring with 7 seconds remaining.  That's fun stuff.

So on a tough back to back, the Jackets eke out a point with the back up goal tender.  And all in all, a pretty fun game.  It has been a fun season so far!


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