Saturday, April 3, 2010

Game 78/Detroit: My Take

It was a game where the Columbus Blue Jackets should not have had a shot.  But they hung around...and hung around...and almost got to overtime.  And they would have, too, had the War Room in Toronto not overturned the call on the ice of a non-goal by legendary thug Todd Bertuzzi.  I would analyze how crappy the on-ice call and subsequent review was, but Jeff Little puts any analysis I would have to shame.

Seriously, check out Jeff's blog on this one.

Anyhoo, the Detroit Red Wings won, 3-2.

Other thoughts about the game:

1. There was a shot of the CBJ bench during the game, and I could not recognize most of the players sitting there.  I know we've had a few call-ups from Syracuse, but it seemed like it was a totally different team.  How Claude Noel's navigating this with anything close to a win, I have no idea.

2. One little thing Jeff Little forgot to mention: There were numerous reports (here's one) from those watching the Fox Sports Ohio broadcast that the closeup on Todd Bertuzzi after his questionable goal showed him telling a teammate on the bench, "I kicked it."  Just sayin'.

3. For whatever it's worth, there still appears to be a self-perception gap with the Blue Jackets and the Red Wings.  The Wings, on a tear going into the playoffs, played like they fully expected to win.  The Jackets did not.  I know, everything in time.....

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