Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Moment of Stanley Cup Playoff Greatness, April 19 edition

You can't have a playoffs without our friends in The War Room in Toronto having their say, I suppose.

I don't have an opinion on this call, but those Vancouver fans sure know how to howl. The 'nuck fans on Twitter - along with the Tweeting hockey media - can't stop talking about that call. Shades of Ted Leonsis and his Capitals fans when R.J. Umberger spoke the truth.

More seriously, enjoy this Drew Doughty blast:

Great to see Stanley Cup playoff hockey return to Los Angeles with such gusto - first time since 2002 that a playoff game has been played in L.A.! It looks like the fan base is pleased, too.

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  1. They should just disallow skate-related deflections altogether unless it's coindidental (i.e. the guy has no idea he's deflecting it)... Sedin skated right in on it. Not necessarily a kicking motion, but there's no way he could miss seeing it.

    The Bertuzzi goal on the CBJ wasn't totally a kicking motion either, but he did seem to know where the puck was and made an attempt to move his foot, looking for a deflection. He says he's not skilled enough, but he sure got lucky.


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