Thursday, June 3, 2010

Yet more on Boucher's system

One of the great things about building a network of online friends is that folks start looking out for you.  Take Kathy K of the Hab It Her Way blog, who referred me to this article in yesterday's edition of The (Montreal) Gazette which summarizes Columbus Blue Jackets head coaching candidate Guy Boucher's system and coaching style from a player attending the Montreal Canadiens' development camp, which is going on as I type:
Boucher believes in pushing the puck forward during a game at all times. There's no circling behind your net to set up a rush and players are encouraged to dump the puck out of their own zone at the first opportunity.
"I've seen a lot of good systems. (Former Canadiens assistant coach) Clement Jodoin had a good system in Rimouski, but I think Guy's system is good. The puck is always going forward. We make sure the puck never stays in our zone."

The system was obviously a success, because the Bulldogs surprised everyone by reaching the American Hockey League Western Conference final. Boucher, who will join the staff at the development camp later this week, has attracted some attention.

The Columbus Blue Jackets have asked the Canadiens for permission to talk to Boucher about their vacant head coaching job.
"Guy is a great teacher," [Habs prospect Olivier] Fortier said.
The repeated mentions of "relentless" from other commentary is starting to make sense.  Hope the Jackets are working out hard this offseason -- if Boucher gets the job, conditioning is going to be a big, big issue.

Thanks again to Kathy for the heads up!

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