Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Your summer CBJ fix is on the way

Got this email from the fine folks at Fox Sports Ohio:

On FOX Sports Ohio

Follow the Jackets’ offseason moves July 1 at 7:30pm

CLEVELAND, OHIO – FOX Sports Ohio and the Columbus Blue Jackets are excited to announce a new summer program, Blue Jackets Live – Summer Special, presented by Toyota Direct, premiering Thursday, July 1 at 7:30pm.

This 30-minute show with FOX Sports Ohio Blue Jackets broadcasters Ray Crawford, Bill Davidge, John Michael and Jeff Rimer will bring Blue Jackets fans up to speed on their team’s off-season news.

The show features interviews with the Jackets’ new Head Coach Scott Arniel and General Manager Scott Howson. Rimer will also talk to the Blue Jackets first round pick at the site of the NHL Draft, which will be held June 25-26 at STAPLES Center in Los Angeles.

The show will additionally break down the Blue Jackets’ 10th Anniversary season schedule for 2010-11, including the team’s opening games vs. the San Jose Sharks in Stockholm, Sweden as part of the 2010 Compuware NHL Premiere™ and NHL Face-Off™.

Following the 7:30pm premiere on July 1, the show will re-air the following dates and times:

Thursday, July 1 10:00pm
Friday, July 2 6:30pm
Sunday, July 4 1:00pm
Monday, July 5 11:00pm
Wednesday, July 7 10:00pm
Friday, July 9 6:00pm
Sunday, July 11 4:30pm
Thursday, August 5 10:00pm
Saturday, August 7 12:00pm
Thursday, August 12 6:30pm

Good to see this out of the CBJ television partner.  In watching all the different NHL feeds on Center Ice over the past season, it's clear that some markets cover their NHL teams really, really well.  Boston and Chicago come to mind.  Others - most markets, actually - could stand to step it up...both in-season and out of season.  So let's give Fox Sports Ohio credit for the effort.

(In truth, those guys are about as creative a bunch as you have in the NHL.  Their "All Access" game broadcasts of last season, while not perfect, showed a willingness to try just about anything to share a better CBJ/hockey experience.  I don't know of any other market where entire broadcasts were treated in this manner.)

Can't wait to see what FSO has in store for us!

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