Sunday, August 15, 2010

Third Jersey talk: He swings....and misses

Pardon the baseball analogy, but it's so apt on my post wondering if the jerseys we saw in use at the Columbus Blue Jackets hockey school had any resemblance to the new third jersey for the NHL team. Oh, I noticed a video on the CBJ's website with the hockey it is (and note the excellent use of the 10th anniversary logo on the front!):

I'll offer more on CannonFest over a couple of posts, but I think it wisest to own up to my whiff on the jersey speculation. The throngs (and I don't think that would be an understatement...there were a LOT of people at CannonFest) were joined by a few folks from the Columbus Blue Jackets, including Todd Sharrock, Vice President for Public Relations, and Larry Hoepfner, Executive Vice President of Business Operations.

I asked them both, point blank, whether the hockey school jerseys were in any way indicative of the forthcoming third jersey. Their answer -- a resounding NO. And with that, they offered no more on the jersey itself.

Sounds like an interesting process to create a new jersey, though...I believe they said that the jersey development took about two years from beginning to end, involving focus groups among other forms of input, and only recently was approved by the National Hockey League offices.

So we're back to square one on jersey speculation...but the speculation really is half the fun, don't you think?

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  1. I saw the pic/link on PuckDaddy awhile back (w/ credit to DBJ) and wondered and wondered and wondered why every freaking kid was no. 10. Duh.


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