Sunday, December 5, 2010

Because we all need some motivation right now.

In light of Friday and Saturday night's back-to-back debacles, I gather that some of the Columbus Blue Jackets faithful aren't sure if they want to get back to Nationwide Arena anytime soon.

In a way, I can't blame those folks.  The wounds are significant, and the feelings are still raw.  At the same time, there are 82 games in the season...which means there's almost always another game right around the corner.

And Monday night's game really doesn't need help in terms of motivating the CBJ fanbase.  Really, it doesn't.

Remember this guy to the right?  His name is James Neal.  Neal cheap-shotted Derek Dorsett into a nine-game absence from the roster last season.  The NHL gave him The Taint and suspended him for two games.  Not surprisingly, Dorsett's absence marked the beginning of the CBJ tailspin that cost Ken Hitchcock his head coaching job.

(And while I rarely blatantly promote my links, I HIGHLY recommend you go back and read those two.  Really, go and read 'em - and watch the video clips.  You'll understand when you're done.  It's OK, I'll wait.)

Derek Dorsett's been waiting a year for this game.  I've been waiting a year for it - and yeah, I'm going.  How conveeeenient that it's part of my ticket package.  I would love nothing more than for the Blue Jackets to destroy Marc Crawford, James Neal and the Dallas Stars every which way they can.

Tickets are still available - and they're pretty cheap.  (As I type, "cheap" means as low as $10/seat.)  Show up, cheer on the Blue Jackets and enjoy the festivities, folks.


  1. I'm not going back until I get a formal apology from Priest about the emotional scarring that occurred on Saturday.

  2. I can't wait to go to a real game. Eagerly awaiting the 18th.

  3. Anon - Dear god, get over yourself.

    Really hoping for a rebound game tonight - I'll be crossing my fingers while I watch.

  4. After 2 days of deliberation, my wife and I have decided to show up tonight, despite our horribly disappointing recent outings.

    I hope I get to see Dorsett turn into the Hulk tonight.

  5. Put away the 3rd's until next year...please

  6. Why does everyone believe this s*** about the 3rds?

  7. Skraut - Just an FYi, not criticism in the least. Had a blast whoopin' it up tonight, in spite of the evidence in front of my eyes, and low and behold we pulled out the W. It's hockey, so it was fun.

  8. Cheap shot artist ? Please. Derek Dorsett's absence sent you guys into a tailspin ? Please. I know youre from Ohio but know your hockey.

  9. Yup, Neal's a cheap-shotter. The NHL said so. He's got The Taint, and he's in for multi-game suspensions if he gets caught again.

    You can try to sugar-coat it, as Neal apparently has some talent and appears to be liked in Dallas, but the guy carries his reputation with him for his entire career. Deal with it.

    As for Dorsett, look at the team's record while he was out. I'm not saying that Dorsett's absence alone caused the tailspin, but it surely contributed.


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