Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Your Top 10 DBJ posts of 2010

It's that time of year when we look back and (somewhat) fondly recall those moments over the past 12 months that touched our lives in ways that we can no longer remember without being reminded.  (Or in the case of this post, the blog posts that got the most traffic.)

DBJ's One Shining Moment of
graphic manipulation excellence!
Thus, with no further ado, I present you with the Top 10 most popular Dark Blue Jacket blog posts - ranked in order of traffic volume (per Google Analytics), with a little commentary from yours truly:
  1. Is this a Blue Jackets third jersey preview? - From August, my first take on the possible new third jersey design.  Also known as the first time I humiliated myself on my blog in the name of team identity marketing.
  2. The Blue Jackets' 10th Anniversary Patch - May brought us a leak of the 10th Anniversary logo.  Kinda sharp, and indicative of the power of the Inter-Tubes to share information quickly.
  3. Do we FINALLY have a new 3rd jersey leak? - Yup, I stuck my neck out there again in late October and you gladly watched the egg fly on my face.  Or maybe you just wanted to see what the new jersey looked like.  
  4. Who is this Guy Boucher? - Oh, him. the time, we really thought he was a serious candidate back in May...and not just using Columbus as a means to get a job elsewhere.
  5. DBJ's last stab at the CBJ third jersey - This pre-Thanksgiving attempt was surprisingly close thanks to the intelligence gathering of others, but didn't quite get the prediction right.  Cue the rotten vegetable tossers!
  6. Third jersey info announced - As this post with precious little to say indicates, we are one loyal fanbase when it comes to our swag.  The team might under-perform, but we'll at least look good.  Until we find out our new gear is cursed.
  7. Who is this Kevin Dineen? - This June blog poast is one for the Dispatch crew.  OK, not just them...but isn't it interesting that two of the candidates who were NOT hired made the top 10, while the one who WAS hired didn't?  
  8. Steve Mason: "Sanest Move" and other anagrams - March gave us a guest post from Kirsi, some unabashed fun with letters.  Which apparently makes me "A Lab Tucked Jerk."
  9. The DBJ Rick Nash Olympic Goal Scoring Contest - The CBJ captain got the gold in February, but the goals...not so much.  So much for our enthusiasm.  Maybe I should have done a drinking contest instead.
  10. Little Nikita - Perhaps one of my finest graphics endeavors on this blog, and some July commentary on the seemingly never-ending soap opera with our young Russian friend.
So what have I learned from reviewing what you guys read most?

Appearances are almost everything!  (With shoulda-woulda-coulda-coaches coming in second.)

In that vein, and while I assemble what I consider to be the Top 10 posts of 2010, let's jump into the way-back machine and let Fernando Lamas (or is it Billy Crystal?) close out the tribute to high fashion...

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