Sunday, December 26, 2010

Game 35/Chicago: My Take

The Columbus Blue Jackets returned from their two-day Christmas break and avoided a shutout with a late goal in the third period while losing to the Chicago Blackhawks, 4-1, at the United Center.

Over Thanksgiving weekend, the Blue Jackets were playing for undisputed control of the National Hockey League's Western Conference.  Over Christmas weekend, they're in 12th place in the West (only four points out of eighth, though).  Despite my suggestion of hope, it's pretty clear that The Collapse is on.

Sure, there are similarities to last year's implosion (which cost Ken Hitchcock his job).  This year's collapse, however, has been accomplished with no crushing injuries and a new coach who seemed to embrace the loose, fast-moving play of the early part of the season.  Thus, we can't say "Here we go again" with a straight face.  We can, however, say, "Not again..." because such a statement is only a reflection of game outcomes and standings - and not the underlying reasons for the failure.

Regardless, we can only hope that CBJ GM learned from last year's disaster (and his attempts to address it).  Because something has got to change lest yet another season fall out of reach before New Year's.


  1. It's called Scott Howson better get going on some trades or he's gonna be fired... At least he's finally been exposed for his poor decisions he's made for the team. Although we must always remember it all goes back to the players. We're not paying them to just "kind of" play, we're paying them to represent Columbus and play their hearts out... something that hasn't been happening lately!

  2. Gotta confess DBJ, that last night did it for me. Even though I am the executive optimist, this squad just doesn't have the guns to get it done. I agree that The Collapse is on. Hopefully I can now let go of aspirations, enjoy watching the hockey, and for Gosh sakes can we win the lottery for once!


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