Thursday, October 6, 2011

Adding depth down the middle

A new Columbus Blue Jackets season brings all sorts of new faces to the scene.  From the four youngsters who are taking the Blue Jackets roster by storm to the many veteran players who are new to the squad through free agency and trades, we're looking at nearly half of the team being new to Central Ohio.

The Dark Blue Jacket, Gallos and the league of CBJ bloggers
welcome Cody to the writing scene with all the pomp
and circumstance we can muster. (And a few cold cuts.)
The fresh faces in the locker room are joined by fresh voices in the fan blogging community.  Check out the links provided in the "Blogs/News" page to see the latest and greatest from the CBJ bloggerati, some of whom are getting their online skating legs right quick.

One of the joys of working on this blog is sharing ideas with other writers. We've had some good ones over the years (I can't believe I'm looking at the Dark Blue Jacket blog in terms of years!), and I am continuously blessed to be accompanied by Gallos. His Definitive History of the Columbus Blue Jackets, for instance, should be required reading for every Blue Jackets fan.  I'm telling you, the man has been in Blue Jackets Nation since the start and is an encyclopedia of Columbus hockey knowledge.

The new season also ushers in a new writer here at The Dark Blue Jacket blog.  Cody has stepped up to the plate and offered to pen a few thoughts from time to time for your reading enjoyment.  A native of greater Cincinnati now in the midst of his first year of law school at Akron, Cody is a reasonably new fan of hockey and the Blue Jackets yet has embraced it with a passion that would make him a - wait for it - student of the game.  Seeing as I still consider myself a bit of a hockey newbie, I always love to read fresh perspectives. Now, how a 1L can find time to breathe and eat, let alone blog, is beyond me...but that's up to Cody to figure out!

Cody's first contribution will be part of a team effort that will hit the blog sometime tomorrow.  For now, let's just welcome our new writing companion and wish him well!

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