Wednesday, October 26, 2011

There is No Such Thing as Bad Publicity

Is Community Awareness at an All Time High?

How many people mentioned the BlueJackets win to you today?  Let's face it.  They know you are a die hard fan.  I would say more than a dozen mentioned something to me at work today.  A solid third of those were people who were only tangentially aware that I was a fan, but they were aware.

In a totally different environment, Mrs. Gallos encountered the same thing.  People who might not ordinarily take notice, took notice, and said something, especially after last nights improbable win.

With the Arena deal moving through government, the amazing moves that management pulled off over the off season, and the absolutely brutal start (followed by a captivating win!), I think its fair to say that community awareness of the Columbus Blue Jackets is at an all time high.

Do you agree?  How many people said something to you today?


  1. If you're trying to sugarcoat a 7 game losing streak--at the beginning of the season--it's not working.

  2. Absolutely brutal wasn't strong enough for you?

  3. I wore my CBJ jersey as a lame excuse for a halloween costume at work today and had someone mention our first win of the season as well! :) This was in people are paying attention!


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