Sunday, October 30, 2011


What Would Hitch Do?
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With the ominous sounding post over on Puck Rakers that big changes could be coming to Nationwide in reference to the terrible start, one could ask, what would a new coach 'cough' Hitch, do to get out of this mess?

Here are some thoughts on that:

  • Put the best penalty killer in the NHL, Rick Nash back on the PK.  You play your best people on the PK.
  • Team defense.  Everyone plays defense.  All defense, all the time.  We can only score two goals.
  • Make the other D-men turn around, get the puck low in the o-zone and cycle the thing for a bit, instead of forwards launching shots from the top of the circle (its ok Wiz, you are supposed to launch those shots!).
  • The veterans know how to play this game.  RyJo, its time to go back to juniors.  Unless you can really impress Hitch with your D.  (BTW RyJo, your task in juniors is to learn how to carry a team.  We may need it in the future)
  • Hitch tried to play the up tempo game in the NHL when he first came up.  It didn't work.  So he adapted.  Coach Arniel hasn't really had a chance to adapt.
  • There are those that say Hitch hockey is boring.  Reflecting on his status as winningest coach in franchise history, how boring is losing?
Don't think that I'm happy this is happening.  I'm not.  But you are your record.  This can't continue.  Perhaps this is a move of desperation.  If you are not desperate now, what are you?



  1. "You are your record" ... did you watch the Chicago feed instead last night?

    (That exact phrase was uttered by Eddie O)

  2. More reliable rumor monger - Portzline or HF Boards?

    If you are either of the Scotts - do you even acknowledge AP going forward?


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