Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The "A List"

The pickings are slim this week, my friends. But we'll try for a few things to remember as relatively positive.

1. David Savard. As many have already said, I was pleased to see his performance after the call-up. I feel like he's definitely improved since we saw him in camp and during his first few games in the CBJ sweater. I'm thinking we see him up in the big leagues next season. Permanently. Its fun to be able to look to him game to game to see how he's progressing as a something that is still progressing towards a good goal.

2. Our AHL Affiliate. Yes folks, when our team is well....where it is....its nice to have a better performing AHL partner to distract our attention. The Springfield Falcons are currently riding a three game winning streak, are 5-4-0-1 in their last ten and wrapped up an exciting series against the Whale this weekend. If you followed along, there were fights, a shoot out, Dekanich's debut, many Cam Atkinson goals and well deserved celebration. These guys are part of our organization - why not pay attention to them as well?  Some good resources if you don't know them already: The Falcons on Twitter, super fan Katy, and for AHL plus a whole lot more, there's CBJ Prospects for all things "future Jacket" related.

3. We won against the Kings. Remember that? That was fun.

Ok guys - we're on to a new coach. We've got games coming up Friday and Saturday. I'll be in attendance for both - let's see what our boys bring to the ice!

Let's Go Jackets!!

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