Monday, January 2, 2012

Glass Bangers, 1/2/12

A TV filled with bowl games that don't mean much to yours truly, combined with a dusting of snow on the ground in Central Ohio, makes now the perfect time to jot down some thoughts.

[CORRECTION: I misinterpreted a Twitter post from the Blue Jackets and have since removed the content related to it once a reader brought the fact to light.  Apologies for the error.]


"Hey, R.J., how's your French?"
With Scott Howson placing the yard sale ad in the paper, the rumor merchants are firing up their speculation over which Blue Jackets will be packing their bags for parts unknown.  It's perfectly understandable, considering how the team has performed going back into the latter part of the Ken Hitchcock era.  Something's got to change, and Howson appears to be sticking by His Man in Scott Arniel.

Just this weekend alone, I've seen the names of Derick Brassard, R.J. Umberger, Jared Boll and Rick Nash (!!) floated.  That Brassard's name popped up is not much of any surprise - he's been rumored to be on the block for weeks if not over a month.  And Brass, Umberger and Boll all lack No Trade Clauses in their contracts, making it relatively easy to move them.  Nash, on the other hand...

If the Nash rumors are floating because teams are calling and asking what it would take to obtain the CBJ captain, I'll suggest that there's no meaningful smoke or fire.  Any owner who found out that Nash was available and learned that his GM didn't at least make a phone call and kick the tires probably has grounds to fire the GM.

If, however, the Blue Jackets have approached Nash about waiving his  That's a meaningful development.

(But why aren't any defensemen or goalies in the rumor mill?)


If I happen to write about or republish a Twitter post suggesting a potential trade, DO NOT presume that said trade is going to happen.  Not today, not tomorrow, not at all.  Rumors are just that.  Rumors.

I post this "information" for a couple of reasons.  First, I think that burying one's head in the sand when scuttlebutt involving the team exists is...well...naive.  I choose not to be naive.  Second, the conversational element of discussing who should stay and who should go on a club that's crying out for an extreme makeover is interesting for this fan blogger, and rumors help fuel these types of discussions.

So just enjoy the conversation - and hope for the best for the Blue Jackets.


I didn't get time to include this photo before posting my New Year's Eve piece on Jason Chimera's return to Columbus.  Ryan Salmons' dad, Brad, sent this snapshot along from the wall of Brad's company suite at Nationwide Arena.  Among other things on the wall, as you can see, is a signed Jason Chimera Blue Jackets sweater.  I gather that the suite also displays a signed Manny Malhotra CBJ sweater, too.  What a terrific symbol of the bonds built between players and their community.

Photo courtesy of Brad Salmons

And with that, I got to the start of the Winter Classic.  Guess I'll sign off for now and enjoy the pageantry.  Be good, everyone!


  1. (There was an anonymous comment related to the section that I pulled. It's not relevant to the post any longer, so I've pulled the comment, too. I'm not in the business of censoring comments - but I think it wise to keep the comments germane to the content presented.)

  2. Yet our GM doesn't even make a phone call to inquire about Dion Phaneuf - and he KEEPS his job! :'(


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