Monday, July 30, 2012

CannonFest 2012: Same As It Ever Was

Your friendly CannonFest organizing team of Matt Wagner, Greg May and yours truly tallied the numbers, played with facility seating charts, stuck a wet index finger up to the wind and consulted Hockey Jobu...and we're pleased to announce that we're going to hold CannonFest 2012 at our familiar haunt, Buffalo Wild Wings in Grandview.

Why stay where we have been?  In the end, it really came down to, "Why move if we don't have to?"  B-Dubs has been a terrific host for our mid-summer gathering of Blue Jackets fans.  They've given us a place to hang out for an afternoon, enjoy a beverage, eat some great sports bar food and - above all - talk Blue Jackets hockey.  Their staff has been great.  They know how to work with our partners like the Jacket Backers and the Arch City Army, and they're looking forward to working with our newest partner, FOX Sports Ohio.  And they have a zillion screens upon which to share Skraut's latest masterpiece. Simply put, B-Dubs has gotten it done.  We didn't want to move the location...we don't have we're staying put.  Same as it ever was.  (w00t!)

The thing that put it over the top for us was this past weekend's successful Central Division Tweetup - also held at B-Dubs in Grandview.  Host Greg had organizers Rick Gethin and Kris Martel using the space a little differently than we have in our previous two editions of CannonFest, and we learned a lot from their experience.  As such, we're cautiously optimistic that we'll be able to hold a larger CannonFest crowd and make the experience that much more enjoyable for all involved. (And we're adding a third hour of joy...don't want to overlook that!)

So it's ON: CannonFest 2012, August 19th, 1-4 PM at B-Dubs in Grandview.  Make sure you grab your free tickets from our EventBrite site so we have an idea of our crowd...and facilitate the best offseason hockey talk in the NHL!

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