Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fan Anger in the Land of Misfit Toys

Back in the trade deadline frenzy, former NHL player, coach, and now commentator Marc Crawford essentially called Columbus the land of misfit toys.  This snide criticism was involved with a trashing of Alexander Semin on TSN as part of a discussion comparing Semin to Zach Parise.  The quote is below, from this source:

Marc Crawford: The difference is: one guy has a ton of character, the other guy has no character [exaggerated hand motions]. One guy scores 30 goals and doesn’t help his team and the other guy scores 25 goals, but helps [his team] in every single way. So yeah, I would sign him, but he’s going to be banished to a place like Columbus or something, and that’s what those guys do, head to the island of misfit toys [evil laugh].  

This is something that rankled at the time.  And Scott Arniel, you may think this is 'piling on', but this fan thinks you are a big part of that perception, as you were arrogant and did nothing to show the rest of the NHL that you belonged.  And I hold you responsible for it.  You too Scott Howson.  So I am a season ticket holder at the land of misfit toys.  Wiz?  Jack?  Are you listening?  This makes me angry (Grandma, you cannot fathom how hard it is to make this short statement palatable for you to read).  Hey Dubinsky!  Yeah you!  I'm talkin' to you!  This guy is talking about you now.  What are you gonna do about it?  All I can do is put my money down, and come cheer hard.  All I am asking is that you come out and earn my cheers.  Hey Umby, Toots!  They are calling you misfit toys!  There is only one way to change that, and its on the ice boys.  If you don't think there is a lot riding on this season, please think again.  Please, please, please be angry about this, and give me a chance to throw this in their face at the end of the 2012-13 season.  Bonus thought:  Wiz, Jack, you could also invite Crawford to lace 'em up and show you how he treats misfit toys.

I'll wear this, because although its not fair, or nice, it comes with the turf.  We are our record, 30 of 30.  Only you players can change that.  Please make it so.

Affectionately, a fan.



  1. Nice. Finally some passion I can relate to..

  2. If m. crawford were half the coach he thinks he is, he'd be behind an N H L bench, not a desk. With all the coaching vacancies that have occured, his name doesn't come up that often. JUST ANOTHER TALKING HEAD. I, for one, believe this group is finally on a path to becomming a competent, passionate, energetic TEAM. If they don't win every night, they will, at least, make the fans proud of the effort given. THAT is a good start. There are STILL PIECES MISSING, but there is only so much that can be fixed at one time. This didn't get messed up in one season, and it certainly won't get fixed in one season. But, at some point, there must be a starting point. My hope is, those old t-shirts(it starts tonight) maybe get revised. IT STARTS NOW. IT STARTS WITH ME/US!!!!!

  3. Crawford is, once again, a head coach; albeit in the Swiss League. Should we root for him to fail badly so he never gets another NHL gig, or succeed immensely so that he comes back and CBJ fans can taunt him mercilessly...?

    1. Dark Blue JacketJuly 26, 2012 at 2:42 PM

      I'm just glad that he won't be around the NHL for a while. Hopefully a long while.

  4. I agree with JF. If you will permit a quote from the Apostle Paul in the NT - "I may be knocked down but I am not knocked out" We may not get there as soon as we want - but just because we were 30th last year doesn't mean we are predestined to ALWAYS occupy that position. Maybe I am dreaming but dreams can come true. Win or lose I will be at Nationwide and I will be proud of those guys on the ice. (Where do I get that T shirt?)

  5. The truth hurts, people! At least Crawford had the decency to say it, explicitly.

    Trust me, being a part of the media, much worse is said about this organization.

    It's science. It's reality. It's a BIG ball of suck. They are what they are (OK, end of cliche`-fest)...

    Let's recap (since the lone playoff year):

    - 4th worst record
    - 8th worst record (were it not for the illusion of the 14-6-0 start, this would have been much worse
    - Worst record

    Trust me, there's a bigger running joke among personnel types - GMs, scouts - that this GM has kept his job.

    So, don't be mad at Marc Crawford, don't be mad at JC7 - be mad at MP (El Presidente`, AKA the CPA who makes personnel decisions via Google) and SH (the GM who orchestrated the departure of the reigning Jack Adams award winner and brought in a head coach and assistants with ZERO NHL coaching experience).

    But Gallos is 'bang on' in directing this towards the players - the problem is, those 'check collectors' (yes myopians, that's their nickname throughout the league - again, it won't be said, publicly, but it's true) don't care - sadly.