Wednesday, October 24, 2012

And So Shines a Good Deed

Charlie, he so dearly loves his CBJ no matter how bad
things get in Columbus.
I realize I’m not affectionately received as a positive guy when it comes to the Columbus Blue Jackets and social media.  But as twitter darlings @johntkemp and @osujoe will attest, all you need to do is sit down for a beer (or six) with me to understand where I’m coming from.  I’ve had a chance to sit down with the co-contributors on the blog, and aside from me absolutely loving the different viewpoints we all have, they understand I’m far from a troll or hater – just a disappointed fan with passionate hockey knowledge. 

I would imagine this is largely how I am perceived by the
CBJ twittersphere.   "But I want a CBJ win NOW daddy!"
The Blue Jackets have been very disappointing to me for some time.  It started with their slide into the 08-09 playoffs and the subsequent embarrassment by a team that had been playing hockey for 20 out of the last 24 months.  The team has done little since to make me think they were doing anything other than minimizing financial losses.  Howson’s rent a coach system was embarrassing.  But the the last straw for me was when the #CBJ traded for Jeff Carter.  Everybody that knows someone in an NHL front office knows what kind of guy Jeff Carter was/is.  I couldn’t believe that for one second Scott Howson actually thought Jeff Carter would be a good fit in Columbus.  You’ll notice I seldom, if ever, “rip” and NHL player.  But Jeff Carter is not one of those “Work hard, Stay positive, Good Lord willing one day things will turn out” kind of people, but good God can he shoot a puck.

As I dig out from daddy patrol on paternity leave, something positive, very positive has happened to the Columbus Blue Jackets.  John Davidson will be hired as president of hockey operations, and if reports are to be believed, he will report directly to ownership.  I see John Davidson more than the president of hockey operations, I see him as a turnaround consultant.  But like all successful turnarounds, the ownership group must give Davidson 100% autonomy to do what must be done with the workforce from the top to bottom – nothing is taboo.  This cannot be a political battle, like a Viet Nam where we asked our generals to follow a political protocol.  Davidson must be given full control to win the battle that this team has asked so many to join.  At a glance, it would appear he has been given that power.

John Davidson has also been given the power to Rock!

For me, this is the first positive thing this team has done in a long time – and a bright spot to lift my CBJ spirits.  This is something that should have been done years ago, but I won’t start down that path.  I’m very happy that a knowledgeable person with ‘turnaround’ experience is here to get this team headed in the right direction.  But the thing about turnarounds is that the majority shareholder or owner is ultimately looking to sell the business once its cash-flow is positive again.  But don’t worry, I won’t get into that now.  Right now I’m happy that this franchise has finally made a move at the top which makes sense and gets this team closer to winning and being competitive.

And no, it’s not lost on me that the author of “Hockey for Dummies” is now Scott Howson’s boss – and I’m very happy that he is.

First Alex Selivanov, then Craig Patrick, and now John Davidson.
Are the CBJ really playing 6 degress of Phil Esposito?


  1. JD! JD! Yes, yes, yes. Now we can drop the puck!

  2. Hear hear! Morgan, I'm with you!