Saturday, October 6, 2012

Why Are All These People Angry?

Crowd at the CBJ Fan Protest
On January 28, 2012, a crowd of angry Columbus Blue Jackets fans gathered to express their feelings about their team.  There was pretty much nothing going on in the hockey world that day, and the fan protest garnered a lot of attention.

Yesterday, Aaron Portzline of the Columbus Dispatch posted a great follow up interview with John Davidson, and followed it up with the companion article in today's newspaper.  Read some of the quotes from the people in St.Louis at the bottom of the post on Puck Rakers.  John Davidson is the real deal.  If this organization misses on this opportunity to hire a bona fide hockey executive, they HAVE to at least go down swinging with an offer on the table.  In the spirit of community service, I thought I'd share a few photos I took that day to remind everyone why it is so important to hire John Davidson.

Kinda says it all.  Love that the kids made the trip.

In case you can't read it, the sign at the left says "Excellence is not an option" and the sign at the right says "Real
Change Starts at the Top"
A lot of love for the team was expressed that day, as well as a lot of frustration.
And lest we forget another important event that day, the 'very definitely in jeopardy of being cancelled in the next 30 days or so...
The All-Star Game Announcement on the Big Board during the fan protest.  Coincidence?  I think not!
My final thought I want to pass along to the Majority and Minority Owners of the Columbus Blue Jackets, is you are going to need someone to deal with the fall-out of the likely inevitable cancellation of the all-star game.  I am going to suggest that the guy on the right in the above picture is not well equipped for that job, in spite of the good things he has done for the organization (and some bad things.  Arniel?  Really?).  John Davidson will come in and set a plan for a path going forward.  As a former TV broadcaster, he has the verbal skills to carry the fan base through the insulting and disappointing, but apparently inevitable, cancellation of the all star game.  Heck, forget the fans.  Think of your sponsors!

Hire John Davidson now, Mr. McConnell.  It is the type of move that the fans above are looking for.  And I just wanted to remind you of it, lest it had slipped your mind.



  1. Davidson sounded interested in CBJ, but I highly doubt we hear anything until everything falls into place if he comes to the CBJ. One thing management's good at, keeping negotiations under wraps. Kudos to them as it gives them an edge, but it's frustrating for the fans.

  2. Hear, hear.