Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Petition drive to revoke Nationwide Arena deal

Courtesy of local sports writer and enthusiast Justin Boggs comes this link to the Columbus Coalition for Responsive Government's "Dare 2 B Fair" site.  Specifically, the organization appears to be organizing a petition drive to reverse the deal that put Nationwide Arena on the public rolls.  This would be accomplished either through a Columbus City Council or through a public referendum.

This link takes you to a PDF of the petition.

I share this development because it is germane to the public dialogue over the Columbus Blue Jackets.  I know nothing about the organization that is promoting this campaign.  I cannot speculate on their viability toward their goal of reversing the arena deal.  That said, it's worth remembering that which the Coalition notes:
We note that publicly funded arena proposals have been defeated at the polls on five previous occasions.
Five times.  FIVE.  That tells me that as long as there is an avenue for recourse, the issue of financial responsibility for Nationwide Arena will remain open.


  1. What costs 147 million in 2000 and only 42 million 12 years later? No, not Treasury Bonds, NWA! Voting to repeal this "Steal" is pretty re-donk-u-lous. Medicare-burdening trache-tube Betties pulling cranks on 15 slot machines at a time will fund education programs just fine despite the funding to finance the arena deal. It made sense for the County to buy the arena at roughly 30 cents to the dollar for which it was built in order save lots of other tax revenue.

  2. LOL. Do these guys think they can make Nationwide buy it back? Hellooo. McFlyyy.

  3. Must be left wing loons!!