Tuesday, January 29, 2013

One year ago yesterday

A year ago, yesterday, a group of roughly 300 Columbus Blue Jackets fans publicly called for an end to the team's losing culture and the installation of hockey management that could turn this franchise into a legitimate contender.

Yesterday, Jackets F.A.N.S. took what could be construed as a victory lap.  Considering what's happened since the rally, can you blame them? 
A year later, and quite a bit has changed.  Rick Nash--gone.  Mike Priest?  "Promoted" where he'd no longer provide input on hockey decisions after his crowning achievement, Jeff Carter, was traded less than twelve months after his acquisition.  The roster which finished last in the NHL for the first time in franchise history?  Largely overhauled.  Even Scott Howson now finds his authority diminished after the hiring of John Davidson.
I agree with the post's author that the changes in the Blue Jackets cannot be attributed directly to the fan protest.  At the same time, it would be naive to suggest that it had no impact on organizational urgency to right the ship.

The hard work of change is underway.  Congratulations to the Blue Jackets for making the hard decisions.  And congratulations to the fans for making themselves heard.

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