Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fun at Development Camp

Alex Wennberg, Number 41
I got a chance to go down to Development Camp for a bit on Wednesday.  I got a chance to take some photos, which will come in handy throughout the year.  Unfortunately, I was unable to spend enough time or pay enough attention to come away with anything close to a conclusion about anything.  And in a way, this really isn't the place to try to draw conclusions, the tournament at Traverse City will give you more information.  There's some speed in this group, but how that matches up with the rest of the NHL remains to be seen.   But here's a few photos of the guys who will be the 'usual suspects' over the next three years.

Kerby Rychel, Number 52

Marko Dano, Number 56

Oliver Bjorkstrand, Number 65

Dillon Heatherington, Number 64

Ilari Melart, Number 29

Ryan Murray, Number 27

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