Friday, July 5, 2013

Horton Visit, Free Agency Looms

Puck Rakers is reporting that Nathan Horton, forward from the Boston Bruins used the early visitation period for Free Agents to visit Columbus and take in Red, White, and Boomer.  The scuttlebutt on Twitter is that the visit went well, and I expect that the CBJ will make this guy an offer at noon today.  Horton is reported to have a shoulder injury from the playoffs that will need surgery, so he won't be ready by training camp.  All that said, if you can get him for reasonable free agent money (which is more than is reasonable, but that's a different issue), he's a solid addition to the top six, a true power forward, a right hand shot true right winger, that has always been a rare commodity on the CBJ.

So this all sounds good, but problematically, it looks like Vinny Prospal is getting squeezed out by a numbers game.  He was our second leading scorer last year, and brought a lot to the team in a lot of different ways.  It may be that once things have settled after free agency that he will be signed again.  He may well play in Europe to be ready to represent his country in the Olympics if another NHL team doesn't pick him up.  I hope JD and Jarmo remember that they now have a vacancy in the organization.  Having Vinny in town is just a good thing for Columbus.  I hope something breaks in Vinny's favor here, but he's another year older and every player must face this at some time.  It's hard to have the courage to go out on top, but maybe its that time for Vinny.

It should be a dynamic day for the CBJ.  We'll find out if we are selling better to the free agenty market.  It could be, it could be.


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