Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Richards to be Olympic Assistant

USA Olympic Assistant Todd Richards
The Blue Jackets are reporting that Todd Richards has been named to Dan Bylsma's USA Olympic coaching staff, joining Peter Laviolette and Tony Granato.  Hopefully Richards' Olympic coaching experience has a different outcome than the CBJ's last Olympic Assistant, Ken Hitchcock, who was dismissed as Coach prior to the Olympics that year (2009-10).  That, if you recall, was the first boulder in a landslide of misfortune and ineptitude that finally culminated in a last place finish in 2011-12, and a complete restructuring of hockey operations for the CBJ.  The similarities are frightening, coming off a good end to the season, an award winning goalie, and an Olympic Assistant for a coach.  Good thing I'm one of those glass half full kinda guys, otherwise....

Doom and gloom aside, this can also be seen as a continuation of the strength and league wide recognition of the improvement in the hockey operations department, led by John Davidson.  This summer seems like its less wishful thinking than the summer prior to 2009-10 and more grounded in reality.  I'm glad for Todd, and again, this is great exposure to other coaches and their coaching philosophies, and a real resume builder for him.  Oh, by the way, making a deep run in the Eastern Conference playoffs this year would be really good for your resume Todd, in case you had forgotten.  Just sayin'...


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