Monday, April 28, 2014


A cloaca is a funny thing.  It is an organ that serves as both male reproductive organ, as well as female reproductive organ.  In addition, the cloaca serves as the primary controller of waste evacuation, especially in flightless sea birds.  They don't really pee, so most of the stuff coming out of a cloaca is #2.  Blue Jackets fans were treated to an example of just how tight flightless sea birds can clench their cloaca tonight, before falling to the flightless sea birds from yinzer land, 4-3 to end the Blue Jackets play off run.  I wouldn't want to be the equipment guy for Pittsburgh, cause those ol' cloacas don't seal up that tight....

But there it is.  Our CBJ are out of the playoffs, falling to a team that upped the intensity ante over the last two games that our young team could not answer.  Credit to the Pens for how they played the last two games.  Credit to our guys for never quitting.  I feel very good about what our team has accomplished this year, and it was a very fun year to be a Blue Jackets fan.

At the end of the day, I am proud to be a Blue Jackets fan.  I went into tonight's game vowing not to get cheated.  I left it all out there, as did many other fans.  THAT is what Nationwide Arena is supposed to sound like.  And it is great to see it back.

I need to go nurse my wounds now.  But in the upcoming days/weeks we will start exploring the many accomplishments of this team.  Keep in mind that John Davidson just views this as a brick.  A big, and gratifying brick, but just a brick, nonetheless.

Congratulations Blue Jackets players and coaches.  You did us all proud.  Well done!  Well done indeed!!


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  1. It's quite comical reading past your dribble and seeing how much you loathe people from Pittsburgh. I have one simple question though. Please explain why "Ohio(ans)" or the state for that matter are any anything?


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